Since the water restrictions our clients have had issues filling their pools since they are restricted from using municipality water. for the last two years we have provided swimming pool water as a service to stop the damage from pools cracking and so that they can be used be their owners.

Drinking water

*We supply drinking water to communities and municipalities that are depleted or cut off from services.

drinking water

Swimming pool water

*Due to municipal water restrictions , we provide water for swimming pools by delivery so that the pools are not destroyed by cracking and are used.

pool bulk water delivery cape town

Constructions and Dust control

*We provide water for constructions sites as well as dust control measures, very frequently in this sector.

bulk water delivery

Domestic Water 

*The consequences of not being fully prepared for either could be catastrophic. Bulk water delivery Cape Town service is prepared with 24-hour emergency dispatch service Cape Spring Water service supplies water to your facility with pressure-operated pumps connected to our tankers.

bulk water delivery

To place your order please contact us on


 Office; 073 337 7706

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